New 'safe zone' announced in Franklin County

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FRANKLIN COUNTY (WSLS 10) - the Franklin County Sheriff's Office has a way to keep people safer when meeting strangers.

This blue area is at the office of the courthouse.

It's a safe zone for you to pick up things you buy online from websites like craigslist or even for parents to use when they are exchanging custody of children.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office started a similar program, and that's where the Sheriff got the idea.

The area is being videoed for safety.

, "We'll give them a safe place to go that is in the public to you being video recorded," Franklin County Sheriff Bill Overton said. "Certainly for the safety of our citizens who find themselves engaged in that transaction and another big thing it will create a safe environment for families that find themselves going through a custody battle's with children or grandchildren."

There is also a button that can be pushed to have emergency crews respond immediately.