Non-profit launches Homes for White Sulphur Springs initiative

WHITE SULPHUR SPRING (WSLS10) - Businesses and non profit organizations are coming together to help those who were impacted by the floods in West Virginia. They formed a group called "Homes for West Virginia" and the long term goal is to rebuild houses across the state. Members in the group met with some community members in one hard impacted area,White Sulphur Springs where organizers say they're going to build homes in a new community called Hope Village.

Members held a groundbreaking ceremony to launch their first initiative which is Homes for White Sulphur Springs, it's where 42 new homes will be built ranging from 900 to 1200 square feet. One of the streets will named Nicely Way, for Deborah Nicely. Organizers of the event said Deborah Nicely lost 3 family members swept away in the flood. Nicely said she's appreciative of the businesses and community leaders coming together to help flood victims rebuild.

"It's amazing what these people are doing for the city for the people that really need it, it's God's will that's all I can say," Nicely said.

The CEO of Mylan a phamaceutical company, spoke at the event.

Heather Bresch mentioned nearly $2,000,000 have been collected from various businesses.

She also mentioned country music star Brad Paisely donated $250,000 which is going to the Home's for West Virginia Fundraiser.

The goal is 20 million which organizers say will continue to build homes in areas impacted by the flood all across West Virginia.

"There's no time to waste, I believe it's that public private partnership that makes it happen cause we know sometimes of bureaucracy and it feels sometimes a lot of red tape when you're waiting on the federal government," Bresch said.

Political leaders from all across west virginia spoke including former governor and current West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

He said he's glad to see people in West Virginia fighting to come back and rebuild after losing everything.

"I think it's a cosmic look at who we are, we are a product of our environment, our environment is the toughest resilient state in the nation right now," Manchin said.

Organizers said construction will begin on the homes in about two weeks.