Tree falls on car trapping family inside

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Tracey Smith, WRIC – RICHMOND (WRIC) — Monday's storms moved through the area quickly, but it was still enough to topple some trees.

In Richmond, a tree fell on two cars in Caulder Court trapping a father and his two kids inside one of them.

"We came outside and the tree was on top of the car," said neighbor Syieda Jones-Brown.

Syieda Jones-Brown had just come from work when the storms came through and after looking at what happened to her car she is grateful she was able to get her newborn inside just in time. Her car was one of two cars trapped underneath a fallen tree.

"If I would have stopped along the way, at a store or something, and had just pulled in to Caulder Court, I probably would have been petrified," said Jones-Brown. "The tree probably would have hit the car while the baby was in the car, glass everywhere. My baby could have been hurt I could have been hurt."

Unfortunately for her neighbor, he didn't have the same luck. He was sitting in his car with his two young kids when the tree fell on top of them.

"He was just very frantic," described Jones-Brown.

He was able to move the car and get both kids out safely, but as a fellow parent, Jones-Brown said she can't imagine what he was going through.

"It's scary for any parent around here. We have a lot of children around here a lot of parents. It could have been any of us," said Jones-Brown.

This isn't the first time this same tree has caused damage. The other half is still laying on the other side of the court from the storms two months ago.

"No one has come by to pick it up or do anything about it, chop down the tree, make sure it was stable, anything," said Jones- Brown.

There is still one small section of the tree left intact, but Jones-Brown is hoping the city just cuts the whole thing down.

"We don't need any more branches or any more of this tree to fall and potentially harm anyone," said Jones-Brown.

The city has already been out to Caulder Court to look at the damage and told neighbors they would try to make it back out Tuesday to clean things up.