Routine inspections could be coming again for Danville Utilities power substations

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - Danville Utilities is trying to finalize a contract with a company to begin inspecting substations on a routine basis.

The transformer at the utility company's Bridge St. substation in downtown Danville failed on Aug. 16th leaving more than 3,000 people without power.

Power wasn't fully restored until almost 1:30 p.m. the next day.

Danville Utilities' division director of power and light, Greg Disher, says that and the age of the substation will make it the number one priority once inspections begin.

"[We'll be] looking at our breakers, looking at our relays, looking at our switches. So, there are several items in the substation that need to be looked at," Disher explained.

The Riverside, New Zion, and Schoolfield substations are also considered "high priority" and will likely be inspected after the Bridge St. substation.

Prior to being hired, Disher said his position was vacant for a while and that caused the routine inspections to temporarily stop.

Disher said the Danville Utilities has approximately $200,000-300,000 that could be used to pay the contract company, but because the final details of the contract have not been worked out it's not clear how much Danvilel Utilities will have to pay the contract company.

As for the failed Bridge St. transformer, Disher pointed out that oil samples have been taken from the transformer but the full results have not come back yet.

He also emphasized Danville Utilities' appreciation for the customers' patience during the power outage.

"We made sure we did all we could do to get most of the customers on as quick as possible," he said, "focusing on the areas that could be switched to other substations to allow us to get the load on as safely and quickly as possible."

There's no timetable for when the contract will be finalized and inspection will begin.

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