Mike Pence gets haircut, goes unrecognized

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Jim Shella, WISH – PENNSYLVANIA (WISH) – Governor Mike Pence was in Pennsylvania Tuesday where he conducted a pair of rallies.

In between he stopped for a haircut.

The Trump campaign has been reaching out to black voters this week in a variety of ways and that may have something to do with the fact that Mike Pence made an impromptu stop at an African-American owned barber shop.

The barber, a man named Henry, trimmed the governor's hair after asking how Indiana First Lady Karen Pence would like to see it cut.

He performed his duty with reporters, staff, and the secret service watching.

He and Pence talked about their shared experience with gray hair, among other things, and when he was done the governor offered to pose for a picture with him and that led to this exchange.

Henry: "Now your name was?" Pence: "Mike Pence."

Henry: "Mike Pence." Pence: I'm the governor of the state of Indiana. I'm running for Vice President of the United States."

Henry: "Go ahead, man. Vice President? Oh boy." Pence: "Yes sir. I'm running with Donald Trump so I'm his running mate. Just tapped me a month ago. We we're just in town doing a rally and campaigning and I heard you were the place to come for a haircut. You're very gracious."

Henry: "That's great, great. Nice to meet you, give me a handshake again, man. That's history man, I'm telling ya."

It's pretty clear that Henry had no idea he was cutting the hair of a potential vice president.

It tells you that Mike Pence is not as well-known in Pennsylvania as he is here and others may read even more into it.

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