Inspection reveals Schoolfield Dam is in good shape

DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - The water level was back to normal behind Danville's Schoolfield Dam on Tuesday afternoon.

The water was lowered for several hours Tuesday morning so the dam's gates could be inspected, something that hadn't been done for about five years.

The city constantly monitors the conditions at the dam to be aware of any problems that may need to be addressed, but having the gates inspected provides a much more detailed analysis.

"The inspection indicated that the dam was in real good shape. So, that's good," said Barry Dunkley, the city's water and wastewater treatment division director. "The visual appearance of it looks good, too. We have some debris that we're going to have to get out."

Dunkley said the silt build-up around the dam gates, the primary concern going into the inspection, was not bad.

Within the next two to three weeks, the city plans to have a dive team remove all of the debris that has built up around the dam.

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