Pastor apologizes for "black face" Clinton tweet; tweets again hours later

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Addie Hampton, WSPA – EASLEY, S.C. (WSPA-TV) – A South Carolina pastor on the Trump campaign trail is apologizing for a controversial tweet. It included a cartoon Hillary Clinton in black face.

Easley-based pastor Mark Burns said the Democrats and Clinton should work harder to get the black vote. He told 7 News' Addie Hampton that was his point behind the controversial tweet that he's now deleted.

The controversial tweet has since been deleted.
The controversial tweet has since been deleted.

He's trying to get back on message in the midst of the controversy.

"Obviously in hindsight, I would have used a different methodology to get the message out," said Burns.

In addition to the black face depiction of Clinton, Burns' tweet also said "black Americans…thanks for your votes and letting me use you again."

"Obviously, I truly didn't mean to offend anybody, which is why I took it down and I offered an apology because the message got lost in the methodology," said Burns.


His message is Clinton and the Democratic Party is pandering to the black vote and he's sticking to that.

"We have been consistently as African-Americans voting en masse Democrat party when the policies have ruined our people," said Burns. "I believe the black people [and] the black vote should be worked for."

This is what Burns is communicating to the public often as a Trump surrogate on national networks. He cites welfare stats, crime rates in urban communities and the lack of educational opportunities for the disenfranchised, but says he also wants to get past the "African American" description of his heritage.

"I'm very proud of my heritage and where we've come from, but the point is that the moment we begin to put adjectives that separate us, now we are creating a society where one group is more important than another group," said Burns.

He said the world view of Americans has to change.

"What takes place in the south side of Chicago stops being a black issue or an African-American issue and it just becomes an American Issue," said Burns.

In addition to media appearances, Burns made a public apology via social media that is drawing mixed reviews.

The pastor said he's moving forward and continuing to campaign for Mr. Trump.

The pair will be in Detroit this Saturday to appear on an African-American Christian television network.

7 News reached out to the Trump campaign for comment but did not hear back.

Hours after apologizing for the controversial tweet, Burns posted the same picture, only Clinton was not in black face.

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