Marcus Vick doesn't show for Montgomery County Court hearing

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Former Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick failed to show up for a court hearing related to a civil lawsuit on Thursday.

Vick's lawyer, Jimmy Turk, said Vick agreed to pay $40,000 in a settlement several years ago when he was expected to be an NFL standout, but the debt was never paid and there's no evidence Vick has the income to pay it now.

The purpose of Thursday's hearing was to look into his finances, but Turk said Vick was never advised of the hearing, although prosecutors could have set the hearing date when Vick last appeared in court, but didn't.

Turk has no way to contact the former Hokie.

The judge will make a decision on the whether to issue a warrant for Vick within the next two weeks.