What's Trending Today: September 9

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(WSLS 10) - A recent New York Times article has suggestions on how to pick the fastest lane when checking out at the grocery store.

They say, first and foremost, study what the person in front of you is buying.

You should also stay to the left because most people are right handed and tend to move towards the right.

Another suggestion is, look for female cashiers. One expert says they are actually more efficient than men.

Finally, beware of obstructions. Lines that wrap around corners or customers who are blocked by a wall or shelf can lead to a longer wait.

Do you like to eat spicy food, watch movies that make you cry, tour a haunted house or ride a stomach turning roller coaster?

Psychologists say it's called "benign masochism." The phrase describes activities that are unpleasant but seem to be irresistible.

Experts say we initially think these kinds of activities are a threat, but then we realize that we won't actually be harmed.

Once we known it's a "safe threat," our brain relaxes and we enjoy the activity.

In what's sure to be a college student's dream come true, drones will soon be delivering burritos to the Virginia Tech campus.

Google is set to begin testing drone delivery later this month, so students and employees will be able to order Chipotle burritos on a special kiosk.

They will be made at a Chipotle food truck on-site, and then delivered to a confined area.

The self-navigating drones will lower the burritos using a tether.

Google has been testing drones since 2014, viewing them as an environmentally friendly option for package delivery over fuel-powered vehicles.