Danville courthouse entrance reopens after security upgrades

DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - The main entrance of Danville's courthouse is back open after several months of security upgrades.

It reopened Monday morning.

New, more advanced metal detectors and an x-ray machine have been added.

The inside has also been rearranged to restrict the way people come in and out and glass panels have been placed in the wooden doors so the deputies can see people approaching.

It all cost $49,000. $9,000 of that came from the sheriff's office's budget while the remaining $40,000 came from the city's capital improvement budget.

The x-ray machine cost an additional $49,000 and was purchased with asset forfeiture funds.

Sheriff Mike Mondul says he's glad to finally have the upgrades in place.

"With the internal vestibule, the addition of the x-ray machine, the enhancement to the doors with the glass, it's just going to be a win for the public and the sheriff's deputies and all the employees of the courthouse," Sheriff Mondul said.

Cell phones are also no longer allowed inside the courthouse.

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