Southside gas stations feeling the affect of the AL pipeline rupture


DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - A piece of paper with "Out" written on it has been taped to the gas pumps at the Marathon station on W. Main Street in Danville.

It's a sign that could become more common as the week goes on.

"We opened at [6 a.m.] and just as soon as we opened it started. We're usually, from [6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.], not that busy; It's kind of a quiet time. But, immediately they started coming in," Lawrence Woodson, owner of the Marathon station on Riverside Dr., said.

Woodson said he had about 400 gallons left as of about noon Monday.

Roxie Burgess stopped by to get some because she's concerned it may not be there much longer.

"I heard that gas was going to run out, so I thought I better stop and get some while I could," Burgess said as she sat in her car waiting for her tank to fill up.

She said the thought of gas stations running out of gas makes her nervous. "Yeah, because you've got to have gas to get to work."

One station that is doing better than most is the River Street Mart on Riverside Dr.

"We were one of the lucky ones. We got a shipment at the end of the week last week," said owner Nadeem Hassan.

He said Sunday was extremely busy and he sold almost nothing but gas all day.

Like every gas station WSLS 10 spoke to Monday, he's cautiously optimistic about his remaining supply.

"We didn't run out, our supply's still pretty decent," Hassan said. "We should be able to make it through the week."

Gas stations are expecting shipments sometime this week, but because so many gas stations are in need there may be very little gas to go around for the time being.

WSLS 10 also checked in with cab companies in Danville and companies that do a lot of driving to see how the spike in gas prices and the gas shortage may be affecting them, but they say so far they are not feeling any impact.