Telecommunication policy changes coming to Roanoke

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Today marks the chance for people in the Roanoke area to voice their opinion and ask questions about a new telecommunications facilities here in the Star City.

The policy is a way for the city to get ahead of what is soon to come in the technology world, with service towers and antennas; and also be prepared for technology that hasn't even been invented yet.

We're used to the idea of cell phone service coming from the massive towers we see along the horizon, but there are many smaller towers and antennas being put up all around the city that you may have never noticed.

Senior City Planner Wayne Leftwich said, "Instead of just the large cell phone towers, we'll still see some of those. But we'll also see smaller facilities. Things that could be on an existing utility pole or mounted on a building. So we wanted to make sure we had the direction and policy to direct those type of devices.

That's what this policy change is doing; making it easier for the city to improve and install these changes that would make our day to day lives with technology easier.

A public hearing will take place on Monday at the city council meeting, where anyone can come out and voice their opinion.

There will also be a consultant on hand, to help address any questions about the changing and growing policy.

The Wireless Telecommunications facilities plan will now head to the zoning department, where those changes will be made to Roanoke City policy.