DCC celebrates Constitution Day by emphasizing importance of the constitution

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - A U.S. Department of Labor judge from Washington, D.C. is helping Danville Community College celebrate Constitution Day.

William Barto spoke at the college on Tuesday about the challenges and importance of the Constitution.

He also shared his perspective on the constitution from his time in the civilian court system, as well as his time in the military court system as a member of the U.S. Army.

Barto said not understanding the Constitution can be dangerous.

"If the people don't own the Constitution, if they don't embrace it, know it, and change it when necessary, then someone else will do it for them and that is not an attractive opportunity," Barto emphasized.

Constitution Day was September 17 and commemorates the day the U.S. Constitution was signed in 1787.

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