Clinton supporters hold protest outside Trump rally in Roanoke

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10 ) - Thousands gathered at the Berglund Center in Roanoke to show their support for Donald Trump. While fans of the Republican Presidential nominee waited for the rally to begin, a small crowd of Hillary Clinton supporters gathered outside the event.

About two dozen people attended the demonstration. They chanted things like "Up up with education, down, down with deportation" and held signs showing support for the Democratic Presidential nominee. Those opposed to Donald Trump said his words are divisive.

"He's made fun of John McCain, he's made fun of a Gold Star family" said Sarah Bonner, demonstrator. "To me I've had enough, I do not want him to be Commander and Chief."

Trump opponents said the candidate fails to give details about his proposed policies. Clinton supporters said the democrat brings good ideas while Trump flip flops..

"He changes his verbiage everyday, very divisive rhetoric," said Mike Hamlar, Roanoke business leader. "He talks bad about people with disabilities, he talks bad about African-Americans, he talks bad about the LGBT community. It is just not someone who we want to run this country.

The demonstrations and rally in Roanoke come just days before the presidential candidates square off for their first debate. The debate takes place on Monday at Hofstra University.