Danville Fire Department planning to increase education efforts after record number of calls

DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - Assistant Fire Chief Steve Dishman said in order to combat the trend of increasing calls, the department is planning to start stepping up its public education campaign.

Danville firefighters responded to 747 calls in August, the most in a single month in the department's history. It was the second month in a row the fire department broke the record.

"We are responding more and more to a variety of calls," Dishman said.

According to the fire department, departments across the country have been experiencing this trend over the past few years.

As a result, the Danville Fire Department wants to ramp up efforts to make the public aware of not just fire safety, but also things like how to identify and eliminate electrical hazards and how to prepare for severe weather.

The department plans to start with National Fire Prevention Week, which is October 9 through the October 15.

"We will be more into the public during that period anyway and we will incorporate and add that in to the information that we pass out," Dishman explained.

He says the hot and humid weather likely had a lot to do with the record number of calls in July and August.

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