Lynchburg seeking drug court to combat substance abuse

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Lynchburg city leaders are taking a proactive approach at addressing substance abuse.

Horizon Behavioral Health, part of the city's Opioid Coalition, said the idea for a drug court started a year ago.

The drug court would help people with no prior felonies or pending charges get treatment for drug addiction.

City leaders said the goal of the court is to serve 12 people in the first year.

"Drug courts have been proven not to compromise public safety and have better health outcomes," said Damien Cabezas, the CEO of Horizon Behavioral Health. "People are reunited with their families, people address their treatment issues, people become employed and become productive citizens again."

If the Supreme Court approves the application for the city's drug court, it could start as soon as March 1, 2017.