Hundreds turn out for Liberty University presidential debate watch party

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Hundreds of students came out Monday night at Liberty University for the Clinton-Trump debate to show support for their candidates.

Students at Liberty made their support known Monday for their candidate of choice.

Many, like Ezra Parish, just wanted to hear what they all had to say.

"I'm not voting for any candidate, but I really wanted to see if people could argue for their candidates," said Parish.

When asked, students passionately told him where their votes were going, and why.

Like Colby Knight, a Clinton supporter.

"Trump has absolutely no government experience, and it's like hiring a pilot who has never flown a plane. It doesn't matter how much knowledge of aviation you have, if you've never flown a plane before, I'm not putting you in charge of a plane," said Knight.

Knight was in the minority Monday, however, with a room full of devoted Trump supporters, many of them voting based on their faith.

"If you look at what the Democrats do, and how they want to take God out of everything, they want to take the 10 Commandments out of schools. I also am pro-life and Hillary is someone who at one point supported partial-birth abortion," said Trump supporter Rob O'Shea.

But Parish says the most devoted supporters of all may have been the ones who didn't even have a candidate on-stage.

"I've heard a lot of interesting arguments, perhaps the best for Gary Johnson tonight, and why he should debate. I believe the numbers given to me were 15 to 17 million people who currently support him," said Parish.

Joshua Turbyfill is one of those millions, who says he sees Johnson as an alternative to Trump.

"Donald Trump does not have a plan to balance the budget, I believe Gary Johnson does. I believe income taxes are theft, Gary Johnson wants to cut those corporate taxes," said Turbyfill.

Parish says the one thing he didn't see Monday was any negativity, something he sees as a positive sign.

"So far the people I've talked to, they talk with conviction, and they really believe what they're saying, and I find that really refreshing in today's political atmosphere," said Parish.

Trump and Clinton will be meeting twice more for debates in the month of October before the election in November.