People are drilling headphone jacks into the iPhone 7 after YouTube video surfaces

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Joe Gullo, NEWS10 – (NEWS10) – People are drilling their headphone jacks into the iPhone 7 after a viral prank YouTube video surfaces.

Apple removed the headphone jack from the latest iPhone, a controversial decision by the tech company. Users can still plug in headphones through the device's Lightning port.


In the video, YouTube user "TechRax" places the phone in a vice and then uses a 3.5mm drill bit to make a "headphone jack." He then plugs his headphones into the hole, claiming that audio is working from the port.

According to Fortune, the video doesn't suggest it's a joke, but his profile and previous videos suggest he has made prank technology videos in the past.

The video, published last week, has more than 10 million views.

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