Juvenile charged in connection to Hargrave threat pleads guilty

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY (WSLS 10) - The former Hargrave Military Academy student accused of sending a social media threat to the school in February pleaded guilty on Wednesday

In February, the school received a threat claiming to be connected to ISIS and saying that something would happen on campus. The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office, along with local, state and federal law enforcement investigated the threat.

A law enforcement checkpoint was set up outside the school and campus was temporarily closed following the threat.

From the subsequent investigation a suspect was identified and charged with multiple criminal offenses to include publishing Hargrave's employee's personal information online, or "doxing", taking down Hargrave's wireless internet and its webpage resulting in a safety issue and a considerable financial cost and making a bomb threat to the school.

The case was heard in Pittsylvania County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. Restitution was ordered by the Court to reimburse Hargrave Military Academy for its cost.