Summer Camp ... For Grown-Ups?

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NBC News – (NBC News) Fall may have officially arrived, but the summer camp experience is still going for some.

More and more adults are reliving the summer camp experience during fall and spring.

More than a million adults a year are indulging in camps according to the American Camp Association.

"Camp Grounded" runs several locations around the U.S., including one in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

The camp's a digital detox for adults, a long fall weekend disconnected from very connected lives.

"We're definitely a beautiful combination of serious and silly," says head counselor Megan Lipsett

Silly can be serious business for camps expanding kid-friendly summer offerings into off-season getaways for adults.

"This is becoming a whole other source of revenue. They're no longer just one season businesses," says Soul Camp co-founder Michelle Goldblum.

Soul Camp offers what it calls mind, body and spirit immersion in the mountains of New York and California.

Finally, Camp No Counselors provides a grown up version of the classic kids' summer camp, with the addition of alcohol, in ten cities around the U.S. and Canada.