South Boston PD wants $350,000 for anticipated needs over the next four years


SOUTH BOSTON (WSLS 10) - The South Boston Police Department is putting together its next four-year plan, which means anticipating the department's needs over the next four years and figuring out how much those needs may cost.

Currently, the cost is estimated at about $350,000.

"You never know what's coming down in the future, so you always want to try to stay one step ahead of the game to what technology is coming next," said South Boston Police Department Lt. Dennis Barker.

Specifically, the $350,000 proposal includes improving the strength and speed of the department's computer network.

"Upgrade wiring, as far as networking capabilities inside the building to meet the capabilities of the wiring that goes outside the building," Barker explained.

The proposal also includes money for upgrades to the building itself, such as renovating and modernizing the officer's room where officers sit and work at their computers.

People living in the town said one thing the department needs to include in its plan is improved communication between the department and the community.

"In most city's you've got the PAL; Police Athletic League where the police set up programs, after-school programs and all. Something like that would help the kids," said Wayne Ferguson, owner of Executive Cuts barber shop. "Being in a rural area, we don't have all that for the kids."

He believes bike patrols would be another effective way to build communication, especially in areas that police patrol more frequently.

"They could just ride their bikes around and see what's going on more," Ferguson suggested.

Once town council begins to work on the next fiscal year budget, council members will discuss how to best address the police department's proposal and will work with the department to determine what specific needs will take priority.