DAHS seeking information after hot grease poured over pit bull puppy

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - The Danville Area Humane Society is trying to figure out who poured hot grease on a pitt bull puppy.

The dog was brought to the humane society late Wednesday night.

A person driving down Halifax Street saw two boys on bikes pulling the dog along and asked them what they were doing, according to Paulette Dean, the executive director of the DAHS.

The boys told the driver they were trying to take the dog to the humane society because someone had just poured hot chicken grease all over it.

"Thursday morning, we took her to a veterinarian. Her condition was critical at that point because they felt that all of that burned area that you see was going to sluff off," Dean explained.

The puppy's body was wrapped in a bandage for a couple of days, but over the weekend, the wounds healed better than expected so the puppy was released from the vet into the care of the humane society.

The humane society will continue to keep the dog on pain medication for the time being and will look for someone to adopt the dog.

As of Monday, no official investigation was underway but anyone with information about the dog or the identity of the boys is asked to call the humane society.