Longwood students react to Vice Presidential debate

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FARMVILLE (WSLS 10) - Hundreds of students, who didn't make it inside the Vice Presidential debate Tuesday, watched it outside on Stubbs Mall.

The debate was displayed on a huge video screen there.

Students say their biggest concern they wanted addressed by the candidates was the economy and how Kaine and Pence planned to help students get employed after graduation.

In response to the debate itself, students say they were surprised it became so adversarial between Kaine and Pence so quickly.

After polling students on both sides of the political spectrum, students said they felt like the aggression was coming from Tim Kaine, and it wasn't helping his appearance.

"He keeps interrupting Pence and he's not necessarily using the best tactics, and his key words such as hired or fired were kind of extreme, but I think he made a good opening argument," said Longwood Senior Lacy Hodges, who plans to vote for Clinton and Kaine.

"I think Pence has been a lot more informative and I feel like Kaine has been attacking Trump more than he has been telling us what his plans are for the future, and he does a lot of interrupting Pence instead of respectfully sitting back, which I think reflects a lot on his character," said Longwood Junior Kelsey Brooks, who plans to vote for Trump and Pence.

Students WSLS spoke with also said Pence did a better job sticking to the issues and being informative, while Kaine came off as rude for interrupting several times.

Ultimately, however, none of the students WSLS polled said they planned to change their vote based on the performance of either candidate Tuesday.