'100 Fearless Peacemakers' hope to make Roanoke neighborhoods safer

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - A group of men and women fed up with crime hope to have a peaceful solution. They are joining an organization called the "100 Fearless Peacemakers" in Roanoke. Participants are being trained to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Damon Davis moved from Miami to Roanoke several years ago and although he's now in a smaller city, he said similar crime problems exist. Davis wants to see the violence end.

'I feel like there is a need for education and for the community to come together and bring peace to one another," said Davis.

In an effort to do his part, Davis joined the "100 Fearless Peacemakers". He and others plan to patrol problem areas as a way to prevent crime.


"We are spreading love and let people know that we are here to protect them and be their eyes and ears," said Shawn Hunter, with 100 Fearless Men.

Hunter said members will go through six hours of training, which includes CPR and first aid training as well as effective ways to de-escalate situations.

"If you can be open, keep a smile on your face and keep a good attitude," said Davis. "Right there that is enough to quell a disturbance."

If a situation does get out of hand, police will be called to step in.

Capt. Rick Morrison said groups like the "100 Fearless Peacemakers" and "The Interrupters", a separate organization aimed at preventing violence, are useful crime fighting tools.

"Police can't do it all. We can't solve it all," Morrison said. "So when you have communities stepping out and realizing there is a problem and they want to fix it and engage that's a home run for everyone."

Officers said it's important for people to be aware of who the Peacemakers are and for members to know when to become involved in situations and when to stay out of harm's way. By having a presence in the community, the 100 Fearless Peacemakers hope to make others feel safe.