Pastors encouraging people to 'vote their values' this November

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PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY (WSLS 10) - With just 28 days to go before election day, well-known pastor and founder of Vision America Action, Dr. Rick Scarborough, is on a nationwide crusade to rally voters to express their faith on Election Day.

"If they show up, vote their values, the result will be judges appointed who reflect our values, stemming of the tide of the march towards socialism," Scarborough emphasized.

Speaking at White Oak Church in Blairs, he encouraged people to talk about politics and their faith as much as possible.

"I grew up in a house where I heard, repeatedly, there are two things you never talk about: your faith in public and politics," said Scarborough. 'Well, frankly that's the two things we ought to talk the most about and that's the only place it ought to be talked about."

While he doesn't believe Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are ideal candidates for president, he said he is definitely supporting Trump, but he also emphasized that the point of his tour is not to tell people who to vote for, rather to encourage people to make their decision based on their personal values.

President of Staying True To America's National Destiny, E.W. Jackson Sr., also spoke at the church on Tuesday.

Like Scarborough, he emphasized the need for people to vote based on their values.

"Don't vote personality, don't vote race, don't vote party," Jackson Sr. said.

He believes that an emphasis on what he calls Christian values will change the country's direction for the better.

"We believe very strongly in preserving the lives of unborn children. We believe marriage should be between one man and one woman."

Scarborough will now head to Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Newport News.

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