Mike Pence focuses on message of strengthening America at Salem Civic Center

SALEM (WSLS 10) - Vice presidential nominee Governor Mike Pence returned to Virginia for the first time on Wednesday since the vice presidential debate.

At the Salem Civic Center, he addressed local supporters on how the Republican ticket is the best choice for Virginians.

Pence's message was really hitting home on the ticket's original theme from 17 months ago when the campaign started, strengthening America.

There was no shortage of "Make America Great Again" slogans.

The governor started his speech taking a shot at democratic vice presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine and his performance at the debate.

"I apologize for being late today," Pence said. "I was eating at the Texas Tavern but Senator Kaine called and interrupted me about five times." Republican supports laughed at the joke.

That was only one of many digs at the Clinton-Kaine campaign. The governor made a sharp focus however on the point that he and Donald Trump were the best ones to not only strengthen the economy, but really bring back a sense of security to the American people.

He talked about how under the Obama administration America has seen a growth in terrorism, as well as locally-grown terror attacks.

Using the ticket's campaign theme, "Making America Great Again," Pence and Trump are really working to make their ticket synonymous with strength and rebuilding law and order in the country by building up our military and our police force.

"Whether we are going to stop, plant our feet and turn around and march back up the hill to a stronger America at home and abroad, and in America that stands for freedom a more prosperous America grounded in our constitutional principles," said Pence.

A large portion of the speech also focused on Hillary Clinton. Opposite their ticket, Pence said repeatedly that Clinton and Kaine would only "make America weaker." He also reiterated a statement that Trump made in the presidential debate Sunday night, that if elected they would be assigning a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton's emails.

Pence went on to emphasis the importance of a republican taking office because an appointment still needs to be made in Justice Antonin Scalia's supreme court justice seat.

Mike Pence Town Hall at Salem Civic Center

Watch Governor Mike Pence's Town Hall meeting being held at the Salem Civic Center. (Jump to 3:00 to watch Pence speak)

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