Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence talks faith and politics

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence addressed thousands of Liberty University students on Wednesday.

He spoke about his faith, his conservative views and issues such as national security.

In front of the largest weekly gathering of Christian students, Indiana's governor spoke about once straying from his religious upbringing and then returning to his faith.

"I wanted to wear that cross because I'm doing the Christian thing now," he said while describing a conversation with a college friend. "He looked at me and said words I'll never forgot. He said 'Mike, you have to wear it in your heart before you wear it around your neck.'"

The conservative message rang true for students at Liberty's Convocation.

"There is a lot that we can resonate on, the fact that we are Christians. He's a brother in Christ, we love him and pray for him," said Jorge Reyes, a Liberty University student.

For some, November's election will be the first time they'll cast a vote for president. Many in attendance listened closely to the Republican ticket's stance on issues such as jobs, national security and the economy.

"Donald Trump and I are going to work with the newly elected and re-elected Congress to cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms," said Pence.

At times, supporters gave the vice presidential nominee a standing ovation for standing up for his beliefs.

"He spoke on the pro-life movement that he was unashamed to be pro-life and say that," said James Enoch, Liberty University student. "That for me and many of the students here is what we are looking for in a candidate."

Others remain in opposition to the Trump-Pence ticket.

"I saw a lot of inconsistencies in what he was saying and what their platform really is as far as stop-and-frisk and banning people from purchasing guns on the no-fly list, those are unconstitutional," said student Aaron Sobczak.

While political views differed, students agreed on one thing, voting is important.

"This is an election that will help change our future and the upcoming policies" said Enoch. "So millennials, everyone get out to vote this year."

On Monday, Libertarian Gary Johnson is expected to speak at convocation.

Watch Live: Mike Pence convocation at Liberty University

Watch Live: Mike Pence set to speak to students at convocation. (Skip to 42:19 to hear Mike Pence)

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