Reward offered after cat survives being shot with arrow

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NBC4 Staff – CLAIRTON, PA (WCMH) — Police are searching for the person who shot the cat, that vets are now calling Catniss, with an arrow.

"I mean the arrow definitely needs to be removed, she's walking, so it doesn't look like it's penetrated the spine, and from the x-rays we took, it does not look like it's penetrated into the abdomen, so she seems pretty lucky," Veterinarian Dr. Ariel Mendolwitz told WTAE.

Catniss is a feral cat, and vets are working to get the arrow out, but it leaves many wondering who could do something so mean.

"How would they like we did that to them?  Shoot them with an arrow and let them sit, all night long," Carrie Keffer, who found Catniss, asks.

Now humane officers are offering a reward to find the suspects.

"This is animal cruelty," Humane Police Officer, Robin Gaydos-Behanna tells WTAE.

Catniss is expected to survive the injury, but vets continue to work on her.

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