Henry County teen facing charges after posting online threats

HENRY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - The Henry County Sheriff's office arrested a 13-year-old for making threatening posts to several students.

The sheriff's office was informed of the threatening Instagram posts on Monday.

Deputies say the threat included a picture of a clown, and made reference to harming several students at local schools.

The students referenced in the threat and their families were notified of the posts.

After identifying the home from which the threat originated, the sheriff's office executed a search warrant and several electronic devices were seized from the home.

Deputies arrested a 13-year-old girl  during the search, and charged her with four felony counts of threats of death or bodily injury to a person.

She is being held at W. W. Moore, Jr. Juvenile Detention Home in Danville.

During the investigation, the girl said the posts were created as a hoax, and there were no plans to harm students. Deputies did not find any weapons during the search.

"We would like people to understand and have talks with their children, and this can be domestic situations as well, but the day and age of threatening people, implying threats, it needs to end," Henry County Sheriff Lane Perry emphasized.

At this point in the investigation the Sheriff's office says it does not feel that there are any current threats to the school system.