Photo: Thief proves subtlety is NOT his forte

(Courtesy: Northampton Police Department)
(Courtesy: Northampton Police Department) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

Matt Jaworowski, Media General National Desk – (MEDIA GENERAL) – Northampton police in England have asked local residents to come forward with information after a man stole a Venetian blind from a housewares store.

OK, I don't expect that to grab your attention, but just look at the photo of the suspect caught on the store's surveillance cameras.

I mean…

OK, so the play-by-play is this: The suspect enters the store, places the blind up his jacket and down one of his pant legs, and leaves.


Store employees trailed him because – surprise! – they realized he was shoplifting. The suspect ditched the blind at a nearby canal path before getting away.