Woman uses breast cancer fight to educate women

SALEM (WSLS 10) - A Roanoke Valley woman is using her fight against breast cancer to raise awareness about new, potentially life-saving testing.

Lisa Crigler had a regular mammogram in September 2015 that came back normal. When she started having pain in June of this year, she went back to the doctor.

The doctors gave her the option of paying $60 more for a 3D mammogram, which revealed a fast-growing cancer in her breast and lymphnodes.

"It's the same as the regular mammogram, but it shoots in slices. It takes pictures in slices from different angles," said Crigler, "they're able to see so much better with every picture, and that's how they found it."

Lisa is nearing the end of her chemo treatments, and will face surgery after that. She is continuing to see patients at Invision eye care clinic in Salem.

Crigler said her faith, and the support of her community, are keeping her strong.