Changes likely coming to animal cruelty investigations

ORANGE COUNTY (WSLS 10) - A raid on an Orange County farm is leading to changes for how rescuers respond to animal cruelty investigations.

The Peaceable Farm was raided a year ago.

Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue took in 29 horses and a donkey from the investigation.

Carrying photos of some of the eight horses that did not survive, the group Virginians for Change to Animal Legislation led a march.

They're lobbying lawmakers to support animal rights.

Many hope the legacy of Peaceable Farm will prevent future animal cruelty cases.

Anna Russau with Virginians for Change to Animal Legislation said,"We would really like to see veterinarians be required to report animal cruelty and neglect to their local animal control officers."

The owner of Peaceable Farm faces 27 animal cruelty charges and 13 embezzlement charges.