Police: Father charged after Xanax, PCP found in baby's system

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WFLA – MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WFLA) – A man was arrested after tests showed that his 20-month-old daughter had PCP and Xanax in her system, police said.

WJLA reports, that the baby's mother was at work when her teen son called 911 saying that the little girl was unresponsive. The mother rushed home where the neighbor who is a doctor, was performing CPR on the child until the paramedics arrived.

The girl was taken to a hospital. The tests showed PCP and Xanax in her system. There is no word on when she will be released.

The girl's mother said she saw the bottle of Xanax on the bedside table before she left for work. The girl's father Jayson Hall said he is prescribed Xanax. He said he may have fallen asleep.

"I didn't put the top all the way on the bottle so when she woke up she thought it was candy," he told WJLA.

He claimed that his cousin must have brought the PCP into the house.

The investigation continues. Hall was charged with child neglect, reckless endangerment. He was released from prison on $10,000 bond, according to WJLA.