WSLS 10 Exclusive: Hear from father of man who witnessed fatal workplace shooting

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - We are gaining some insight into Tuesday's shooting from the father of an employee who was hiding in the plant while the shooting took place.

During the shooting, the employee was texting his family that he was afraid and didn't want to die.

WSLS 10 spoke with John, the father, on the phone, and he described this exchange with his son.

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The father, who WSLS 10 is not identifying at his request, sent me the entire list of texts which reveal the son's thoughts and emotions in the moment as he witnessed the shooting.

These are texts the father received from his daughter-in-law:

"2 people have been shot and the guy is still on the loose. He just texted against saying he didn't want to die"

"Talk to [son's name] he said that one of the people that were killed was the shooter he also said that 5 were wounded all of them he knew the shooter had been fired 6 months ago and that he had worked with him"

"He said he saw it all .when the shooting started everone started running"

These texts are between John and his son:

"I'm hiding again I'm okay"

"Getting ready to try to get out of here I'm close to the bridge"

"Can't talk still in here"

- Sent by John "You okay call me let me know where text me"

"I'm still at work in a building that is locked down"

- Sent by John "Are you okay though"

"Yea I'm ok just rattled seen one of the shooters kill himself the other is still loose

- Sent by John "U still safe"


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