Parade controversy in Lexington

A confederate flag group in Lexington is looking to host a parade on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. – LEXINGTON (WSLS 10) A confederate history group in Lexington is looking to host a parade on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

This comes after members of CARE, the Community Anti-Racism Education Initiative landed a permit to host their parade the Saturday before MLK holiday.

According to Virginia Flaggers, the group with ties to confederate history, that's the same day they normally would hold their parade.

Members of Virginia Flaggers reached out to CARE to see if they can swap their dates.

CARE members said they are not willing to change the date because they claim Saturday is the day when everyone can observe Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Meanwhile members of Virginia Flaggers claim the CARE group is trying to cause controversy by disrupting a parade the confederate flag group has hosted for nearly two decades.

On Lee-Jackson Day in the city of Lexington It's not hard to spot confederate flags or folks dressed up as Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee.

It's normally for a parade, usually on a Saturday, that travels through Main Street, but that might change next year.

"We picked Monday" Grayson Jennings with Virginia Flaggers said. Monday is the same day as Martin Luther King Jr day."

Members in Virginia Flaggers, a confederate Flag support group said they wanted to switch out dates with Community Anti Racism Education or CARE Initiative.

"What better way to honor Martin Luther King day than to have his parade on Martin Luther King day," Jennings said.

Which is why Jennings, who is in the Virginia Flaggers group, is shocked members in CARE said they aren't willing to switch dates.

"Lexington has forgotten where it came from, it would just be a blip on the map if it wasn't for Lee and Jackson and they don't really give a rip, they just have their own politically correct agenda," Jennings said.

Frederick Heard is with CARE.

He said the reason why they can't swap  is because Saturday is the date where everyone can observe MLK day.

"We don't see a priority or claim on that day by someone else," Frederick Heard, with CARE said.

Heard said Monday may not be good because people will be already doing community service in honor of the holiday.

"Having the  parade on MLK day interferes with the day of service the students at W&L are doing already and others, they'll go out on that day for volunteerism,"  Heard said.

The Virginia Flaggers said they have a request with the city to host their parade and waiting for approval.

Meanwhile members say they are meeting Wednesday to figure what event they'll have planned if they get  approval from the city.