Community group in Lynchburg talks to neighbors following double-shooting

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - People along Tenbury Drive in Lynchburg spent a day looking at yellow police tape following a shooting Wednesday night.

As police continue to look for the suspect, a group of pastors and police officers are working to keep people in the area safe.

The group meets on the first Thursday of every month, but members said Thursday, they felt like they needed to speak directly to the people who are still reeling from seeing two people shot right outside their front doors.

"We as the pastors of the community decided, enough is enough," said James Camm, of Living Word Ministries.

Camm and about 15 other pastors walked the streets Thursday with Lynchburg police officers.

They're hearing first-hand accounts of the violence in their community.

"Lives are being destroyed, and it hurts very heavily," said Camm.

Camm says unfortunately, it's not the first time his group has done this.

"It's been so many different things and different shootings in our neighborhood in the last few weeks, it's really devastating and it's really hurting," said Camm.

Shootings, like on Rivermont Avenue, where a man was killed in a drive-by, or Younger Park, where two teens were shot.

Police say, people are scared.

"Fear of crime is more debilitating than crime itself sometimes," said Sergeant Jeffry Rader.

That's why the group decided to go to the source of the violence.

Camm says, if you can talk about it, there's nothing to be afraid of.

"It's important that you share information with the police department and not be concerned that it could come back retaliation on you, and I think that's a lot of the problems we're having," said Camm.

Police say having pastors like Camm with them can also help people feel more open.

"Sometimes they'll tell clergy or a pastor something that they may not tell a police officer, but that information can, we can still use that information," said Rader.

Camm says, it's not work he enjoys, but he will continue to address the source of violence in his community, because he says it's the most effective way to solve the problem.

"We try to encourage the community to be active, and if they see something, say something," said Camm.

Police and pastors also handed out fliers to people in the Tenbury Square neighborhood, so if they want to report suspicious activity, they'll all have the number to call. It's (434) 455-6164 to reach the Community Action Team.