Hawk Advisers brings modern feel to historic Star City

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ROANOKE (WSLS10)-- An insurance company with a modern feel has officially opened in Downtown Roanoke.

The new space for Hawk Advisers features an open-air office plan with individual workspaces and collaborative areas for employees to work together. The break room is also different from most offices-- it's set up more like a coffee shop with a bar and modern design.

"We have different generations coming together to work," says John Dorlini, an architect with Circle Design Studio. "We wanted to create an office environment and the furniture that can adapt to the way that different people are thinking and working together in a modern office."

It's been less than a week since the Hawk Advisers employees moved into their new digs, but they're already feeling right at home.

"This space is just breeding a lot of positive energy," says Stephen Hamilton, the Executive VP at Hawk Advisers. "For us, everyone is happy about the transition and we prepared as a company-- which I think has helped make it really smooth."

The company is located in the new Gramercy Row region of Williamson Road.