100 Fearless Men go into neighborhoods to curb crime

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ROANOKE CITY (WSLS 10) - The number of homicides in Roanoke City is on the rise, as is the number of reported gunshot wounds. The number of victims this year, compared to previous years, is growing. One organization, 100 Fearless Men,  is going into various neighborhoods to help prevent crime.

The Supreme Captain of the 100 Fearless Men, Shawn Hunter said they've visited several neighborhoods across Roanoke where violent crimes have happened. They've visited the Lincoln Terrace neighborhood and Hunter said the goal is to lower crime across the city of Roanoke. Members in the organization are going door to door, letting people know they care and want to see the violent crime drop.

"We're going around spreading love and kindness and we're trying to stop this killing around here," Hunter said.

People who live in the neighborhood said it's good to see positivity in the area.

"If you got somebody that cares enough to do what they do, that's lovely man," Arnold Price, who lives in the neighborhood said.

Another goal for the organization is to prevent young people from getting in trouble with the law.

"To not experience the things that I've experienced in my darker days, and just to let them know that with God in their hearts and in their lives there's a much better way," Anhtony Davis, another member said.

Roanoke City Police released stats about the number of homicides.

In 2015, there were 11, and in 2016 there have been 10.

They've released the number of gun shot wounds have gone up, in 2015 there were 29 gunshot wounds reported and this year there have been 35.

"First things first, we got to stop the violence, and re-implement peace in these communities, so these people can live safely and come and go as they so need to do to handle their business," Robert Gravely, another 100 Fearless Member said.