Breaking down the presidential race

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Tuesday's strong turnout at the polls isn't too surprising, according to WSLS 10 Political Analyst Dr. Ed Lynch.

"When people feel strongly about the campaign and the outcome, they're going to come out to vote," explained Lynch.

For the past year, Donald Trump's campaign has been focused on trying to bring out new voters, so in areas where there are new voters, Lynch believes that will benefit Trump.

For the presidential race, Lynch said that how the Tidewater region votes is how Virginia will go in 2016.

"In [the Roanoke area] voting is very heavy, it's going to be a heavy Trump vote. I'm sure that there are very long lines, longer lines in Northern Virginia, which is going to come out solidly for Hillary Clinton and so the balance of power in this state really lies with those voters in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Hampton Roads. That area, a lot of military, a lot of retired military who voted for Barack Obama, but who are not nearly as enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton," continued Lynch.

Looking at early exit polls, Lynch says that it appears North Carolina and Ohio will go to Trump, while Pennsylvania will go for Clinton.

Although it's still early, Lynch views tonight as a very uphill battle for Donald Trump