Election Day turnout in the Roanoke Valley

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ROANOKE COUNTY (WSLS 10) - It's been a busy day here at the Ruffner Operation's Center, and even longer lines at Bonsack Baptist Church in Roanoke County, where voters have been waiting an hour or longer to cast their votes.

Voters say the wait was worth it not only for the presidential election, but state and local elections as well.

Voter Colin Crawford says he had to wait 90 minutes to cast his ballot. "It's exciting in a way. This is the most I've ever seen here in the years I've been voting at this district."

At Mason's Cove Elementary School, there was a much different picture.

Some early issues with the voting machines led to some longer wait times right at 6 a.m., when the polls opened. By 9a.m. however, things were moving smoothly again.

voters i spoke to at mason's cove also emphasized the importance of this election.

Roanoke County voter Rebecca Hartley said "It's especially important for younger people to get out and vote. So many people feel like their vote won't make a difference but it will. Especially in this race, I feel like it's a very tight race."

Polls are expected to be the busiest around lunchtime and towards the end of the day as more people are getting off work. There's still plenty of time to cast your ballot as polls close at 7 p.m.