Social media is ready to guide you through Election Day

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Deniz Kofteci, Media General – (MEDIA GENERAL) -- This election will be the first time in history the entire millennial generation is old enough to vote. Early voting millennials have already caused major shake-ups to the electoral map which is why it's only fitting that social media will be playing a larger role in this election than ever before.

On Tuesday, your social media accounts will do more than just provide you with endless cat pictures, memes and personality quizzes, they'll help guide you through Election Day.

The Google Doodle

If you're still not sure where to go to vote, just ask the Google doodle. The cartoon voters will locate your polling place based on your address and give you directions.


Facebook created a page to help voters prepare to vote. Users can get directions to their polling place, instructions on what to bring and even view a sample ballot. You can share your polling location with friends and coordinate a time to go as a group (If lines are long having a buddy could be crucial!)  And of course, once you've completed your civic duty you can share the good news with everyone in your newsfeed.


If you need some light-hearted fun to distract you from the heaviness of the election, look no further than Twitter's government account, @gov. Using the hashtags #ElectionDay and #Election2016 now unlock a special ballot box emoji.

The site is also committed to helping voters cast their ballot. Twitter users can send a direct message to @gov to get personalized voter information such as polling location and view a sample ballot.


Voters can get into the zone with Spotify's 2016 Election Playlist.


Snapchat rolled out a whole series of election-themed filters to ensure a lot of people posing awkwardly and taking selfies while waiting in line at the polls.