Veterans honored at National D-Day Memorial in Bedford

BEDFORD (WSLS 10) - The largest annual Veterans Day celebration in our region is at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford.


Hundreds paid tribute at the memorial on Friday.

America the brave; Veterans Day is one to stop and honor those who sacrificed so much, and who still carry scars from war.

Navy Veteran Orban Gregory recalled his time in the service, and the transition of coming home to civilian life.

"It was so different. We got out, we didn't think, we didn't even think about it. So many people served. We just glad to be out and be on our way home," Gregory said.

The celebration at the National D-Day Memorial is an emotional setting, especially for combat veterans who can truly sympathize with what happened that day on the beaches of Normandy.

David Sawyer, a Desert Storm veteran, said emotions were running high. "This is pretty heavy that it's right here. It's sort of wonderful, but its awe inspiring at the same time, Sawyer said. "It's very heavy."

But what veterans say was most touching,  A processional of hand-shakes, thank you's and hand written letters was given to each one


Veterans Day is a day for all patriots to remember and be remembered.

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