Son shares father's story of navy ship attack during World War II

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BEDFORD (WSLS10) - One man is sharing a personal story of a man who survived one of the most brutal attacks at sea. It happened during World War II when a Japanese submarine attacked the U.S.S Indianapolis.

Jim Belcher Jr.'s father, Jim Belcher Sr., served on the attacked ship.

"Dad delivered the first bomb, he and his shipmates delivered the Hiroshima bomb," Belcher said.

The atomic bomb eventually led to the Japanese surrender during World War II.

Belcher said his father, was a Navy Chief Petty Officer and worked with the radios and communicated with other navy vessels.

Belcher Jr. Is proud of his father's service.

"I was 12 years old before I even learned he was on the ship and I had to do a lot of reading and research because my father didn't talk about it much," Belcher Jr. said.

After delivering the first atomic bomb in July 1945 the USS Indianapolis was heading to the Philippines for the invasion of Japan.

Belcher said around midnight on July 30th 1945 the ship was hit by 2 torpedos, knocking out communications and eventually it sank.

Belcher said about 900 men lost their lives and he wants to make sure those men are not forgotten.

"Mostly to remind people there are 880 boys who sacrificed their lives, who lost their lives when the ship went down in 1945," he said.

Belcher's father and other survivors went back to civilian life once the war was over and he wants people to know about the severity of war.

"I served in the u-s air force and I can tell you the Indianapolis men have taught me more about why wore my uniform than I ever did serving in the military," Belcher said.