March to protest Trump and promote unity in Blacksburg

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BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) - Protests continue Monday throughout the country in light of Donald Trump being elected President.

Since the election, some protestors have turned to violence to voice their opinions, while others say peace is the answer.

Here in our area, activists gathered at Virginia Tech to spread their message without violence.

People in Blacksburg took to the streets Monday.

Many of them, like Muslim student Muneeb Hameed, still reeling from the news of the election last Wednesday morning.

"I woke up afraid, anxious, confused, almost betrayed," said Hameed.

Hameed says he's seen racism, even at Virginia Tech, and he's afraid under a Trump presidency it could be more common.

"In my time here, there's been a few instances where there's been threats against Muslims, there's been, at other schools, there's been attacks on Muslims, and it's important to understand that that has an effect on Muslims everywhere, said Hameed.

Hameed isn't alone.

Student Amanda Chau says she's seen the posts online since election day.

"I've just seen many examples through like Twitter and Facebook, and it just makes me really, really sad, and like being a minority like I feel like I have to be more aware," said Chau.

Now, seeing Trump begin to pick his cabinet has for many confirmed their fears.

"Some of the disappointments that people thought they might have have already materialized with the appointment of Bannon, who is from Breitbart dot com, which is an overtly racist organization," said Virginia Tech Professor Wornie Reed.

But on Tech's Drill Field, Hameed says, he has hope.

"Empathizing with each other is the most important thing. To understand the struggles of someone who you might not relate to," said Hameed.

That empathy is what he says will bring people together following months of divisiveness.

"Maybe this is something that finally unites all of our causes," said Hameed.