Travel experts warn of drowsy driving dangers

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BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) - Travel experts are warning about the dangers of drowsy driving ahead of Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving will be the busiest in travel since 2007, according to AAA.

Researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute said drivers should beware that the most dangerous times to be on the roads are during the morning and evening rush hours, and from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. The early morning hours are when circadian rhythms are typically at their lowest.

"One thing that is pretty constant is people are really bad at judging their levels of drowsiness and fatigue," said VTTI researcher Jeff Hickman. "Most people think they can power through it. They're actually really bad at judging that they're impaired."

Researchers also said many people unknowingly suffer from chronic drowsiness, which cannot be corrected by just one full night of sleep.