Vandals target Minnesota cemetery

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KTTCALBERT LEA, Minn. (KTTC) - More than 100 gravestones at Graceland Cemetery in Albert Lea, Minnesota were toppled or smashed over the weekend, making it the largest act of vandalism that cemetery officials can remember.

Cemetery Administrator Alan Christensen said 102 gravestones were damaged, with several dating back to the 1880s. He believes the vandalism happened Sunday night. He became aware Monday morning after a woman visiting the cemetery noticed damage and called him.

"Really became overwhelmed with just the quantity of stones that were destroyed and tipped over and broken," said Christensen.

Christensen pointed out a small statue of a lamb -- a gravestone of an infant who died in 1886 -- that suffered numerous cracks at the hands of the vandals.

"One of the ones, I think that's really sad out here is, we got this marker for an infant who was buried and they went to the trouble of attacking this monument for this infant as well," Christensen said.

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