Electrical short causes Danville house fire


DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - A Danville home sustained minor damage on Friday morning because of a fire.

The Danville Fire Department responded at 8:35 a.m. to a possible chimney fire on Kent Street on Friday morning.

Units arrived at 1172 Kent Street, where they found a small one-story house with moderate smoke showing from the roof area.

As they entered the home, one man was still inside trying to put the fire out. Fire officials say he had extinguished some of the visible fire in a wall and was taken to the outside and firefighters confirmed no one else was still in the house.

They opened a larger hole in the wall and found building materials smoldering and extinguished the remainder of the fire. More interior wall covering was removed to confirm the fire had not spread.

The fire started with a short behind an electrical outlet and not from the chimney. The electricity to the house was turned off until the owner can have repairs made and the occupants plan on staying at the house.

The fire department left the scene at 10:11 am. Three engines, one ladder, one tender, and four support vehicles responded. Nineteen fire personnel were on scene.

Damage to the house was limited to one room and the exterior wall at that room.

While the fire department appreciates the man working to control the fire, it recommends everyone evacuate any structure on fire and call 911 once outside.

Always have a meeting place outside to insure everyone exited the building. There were no injuries at this fire.