Storm Team 10 forecasting below average snow totals this winter

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - So will we see a lot or a little of the white stuff this winter? With La Niña ruling the roost, we should see plenty of clippers, but very limited southern storms.

Over the next several month, in terms of the temperature, we should see above average temperatures.

Last year pretty big winter for us at the Roanoke Regional Airport picking up 23 inches of snow. Our average is 18.5 inches. This winter, Storm Team 10 is forecasting 10-16 inches, so a below-normal forecast this winter.

On a wider view, in the New River Valley, an average or slightly below-average winter can be expected. The only place we are expecting above-average snow is on the western slopes of the Highlands and the highest points in the NRV, which is potentially good news for the ski resorts.

You'll still want to keep the snow shovels handy, but you may not need them as much as we did last year.

To summarize that, we are expecting above normal temperatures and below normal snow with the exception of the western slopes in the Highlands and New River Valley.

Keep in mind, even with the above average temperatures, the jetstream can go well to the south, providing us with bone-chilling cold at times. As a whole, the winter will be above normal, but we are expecting several short-lived lived extreme-cold blasts going forward.

Most of the chill and the snow should hold off until the second half of winter. This pattern also leaves the door open for a little more ice this season, which is something we will be tracking closely over the next couple of months. Virginia like in the election is a battleground state and because of that major changes can happen to above outlook. Where the jetstream sets up this winter will determine where the storms track so for the snow lovers there is still some hope.

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