Community helps Salem football fan with Parkinson's see the game

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SALEM (WSLS 10) - One of Salem High School Football's biggest fans, Aubrey Adams, has been following the team for more than half a century.

Adams is now 90-years-old, and since being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease six years ago, he hasn't been to a game, but thanks to his nurses and a Salem church, that all changed Friday night.

Aubrey Adams' nurse Amy Jefferys says when she started caring for him, she learned pretty quick: Aubrey loves Salem Football.

"Aubrey has a Salem football helmet and a picture of Coach White," said Jefferys.

In fact, before his disease, Aubrey says he was the Spartans' biggest fan.

"I hadn't missed any games until I came down with Parkinson's," said Adams.

That was six years ago.

Jefferys says it became clear to her, she had to get Aubrey back to a game.

"I went to my boss today at Medi and she was like well if you can make it happen, and I was like this is Salem, we'll make it happen," said Jeffreys.

Thanks to a handicap accessible van provided by Jeffreys' church, she did make it happen.

"I'm really excited to get to go," said Adams.

Jeffreys says rolling into Salem's stadium with Aubrey was one of the highlights of her career.

"I love taking care of my patients, but it's just even more of a blessing to be able to go the extra mile for him," said Jefferys.

But for aubrey, one more surprise was in store.

The school found out Aubrey was coming, and gave him a proper welcome home.

"Football in Salem is just more than Friday Night Lights, it's a community thing," said Jeffreys.

A community that remembers its fans, no matter how long they've been gone.