Deep frying danger: Don't let it happen to you

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Kevin Green, WAVY – NEW HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) - A turkey, oil and an open flame.

Deep frying a turkey can be delicious–and dangerous.

New Haven's fire Marshall Robert Doyle tells News 8 it's important to follow manufacturer's directions to the tee. Instructions like the amount of oil to add to the frying container.

"Some pans actually have a fill mark. It's very, very important to follow that mark to the tee," said Doyle.

Overflowing oil hits a flame, and a firebomb is the result. The same thing can happen if you try to fry a bird that hasn't thawed out properly. Water and oil don't mix.

"It's basically going to expand, overflow, the oil will hit the flame – game on," said Doyle.

Every year, fires from turkey fryers cause thousands of dollars of damage all across the U.S around thanksgiving time.

"People bring them inside the garage, inside the shed, underneath an overhang," said Doyle.

Doyle says the safest spot to cook is on a flat surface, that can't catch fire.

If flames do ignite, he also says – do not use water.

The best option is a fire extinguisher meant to combat oil fires.

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